Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

Nothing says elegance like a fashionable lapel pin. This trendy accessory is seen practically everywhere, with hard enamel lapel pins being the accessory of choice for many. It’s hard not to see why people are enamored by it – the manufacturing process can give the pin a sleek and glossy feel that can look quite sophisticated to anyone who sees it.

WeCustomize offers a wide selection of hard enamel lapel pins for those looking for an elegant accessory to complement their wardrobe. We place the utmost care in creating these versatile products and we make sure to design them to fit your exact specifications. We also have a line of stock pins with a wide range of designs that are suited for any occasion or gathering. Feel free to browse through our selection and order your hard enamel lapel from us today.

1 Inch Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

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Hard Enamel Lapel Pins
Die Struck Lapel Pins
Printed Lapel Pins
Soft Enamel Lapel Pins
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Upload an image of your logo or a sketch you made.
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Butterfly Clutch
Rubber Clutch
Deluxe Clutch
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Safety Pin
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Have your lapel pins wrapped individually in Poly Bag.

Poly Bag

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Plastic Box
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Have your lapel pins wrapped individually in Velvet Pouch.

Velvet Pouch
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Have your lapel pins wrapped individually in Velvet Gift Box.

Velvet Gift Box
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Make your pins a limited edition with laser engraved numbering.(+$0.30)

Consecutive Numbering
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Add your company name,website or any custom text.(+$50)

Back Stamp
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Qty Price
100 $2.65
200 $2.04
300 $1.55
500 $1.31
1,000 $1.12
2,500 $0.95
5,000 $0.84
Qty Price
100 $2.78
200 $2.24
300 $1.65
500 $1.44
1,000 $1.26
2,500 $1.09
5,000 $0.98
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100 $2.93
200 $2.39
300 $1.86
500 $1.57
1,000 $1.35
2,500 $1.18
5,000 $1.05

Learn More about Hard Enamel Lapel Pins

The use of enamel to create high quality accessories has been around for a long time – dating as far back as the Byzantine Empire – and this practice persists even today. We see enamel being used in many accessories like rings, bracelets, and lapel pins. Enamel accessories have an inherently smooth and glossy finish that gives them a more elegant look.

These lapel pins are made by setting a die cast and filling in the recessed areas with enamel paint. It then undergoes a heating process that hardens the pin and gives it its signature glossy look. Its construction makes it very durable while still being able to customize it with whatever symbol or lettering you want.

Hard enamel lapel pins in particular can easily round out a person’s apparel, especially if you’re going to a formal event. It’s no wonder that they’re commonly worn during corporate events, political or military functions, or even formal school activities. They can also make for great commemorative gifts to your guests, especially if you want to make a strong impression.

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